You've stumbled upon akajoeyjones.com, my crossroads in the virtual world.

My first eponymously titled EP was released on September 12, but this site, like this project, is still very much a work in progress, in previews, as it were. It will be slowly developed over the next few weeks, months, and years. 

This journey began over the past several years as I've been writing and recording music in my basement studio. I've amassed quite a number of songs, songs I keep coming back to, working on but have never finished. I am now compelled to finish and produce them professionally. These songs will form the foundation of aka joey jones.

But aka joey jones is about the future as well. This past while has been especially prolific for me, and I've come up with many new ideas--ideas I need to develop and explore. I also plan to use this project as an opportunity to engage in some collaborative efforts with many of the creative souls and excellent musicians--some known, some unknown--who've crossed my path.